For many years various people have blown and molded glass or bongs for functional and decorative purposes. Since 1960’s there is the modern art of glass molding for decorative reasons. Many smokers prefer using pipes which are made of glass than that made of food as glass does not affect the tobacco’s flavor. Mostly the glass is made of the shank, the bit, and the bowl.


shishaThe mouthpiece is usually a bit of pipe; the bowl is the place where the tobacco is placed and lit to produce the smoke; the tube shank is a stem which is thin and is connected to the bit of bowl. When the whole structure is set, the smoker draws the smoke from the bowl along with the shank and into the bit. Pipes are made from different types of material and even with glass. Hand blown glass pipes are always attractive and decorative and are made with different designs.

In many regions of Middle East glass is extensively used in making pipes which are common in smoking cafes. These types of pipes are made with decorated glass, flexible stem, and a bottle with a burner near the top end. The pipes are made of original glass bongs. Nowadays,the hookah pipes are mostly used in smoking tobacco. This hookah pipes are usually made of glass and have a curved vessel at the bottom side which has water in it.

Shisha pipes as is mostly known by Saudi Arabians, Bahrain’s, Somalia’s and Tunisians were invented in more than four hundred years ago. In some regions is known as a water pipe. Shisha tobacco is mainly known as Tabac, tombak, or Guza is different from the tobacco which is in the ordinary cigarettes. Shisha is usually mixed with the molasses and fruit flavors. The common flavors include strawberry, mint, grape, and sometimes a cappuccino flavor.

shishaInside the hookah, there is tobacco which is heated by charcoal and the water is used to cool the smoke down the pipe to make it smoother. The glass base of the pipe is usually long because it’s meant to be smoked while on the floor and not standing on the table. The hookah pipe is known as the “shisha” by the Persians.
Smokers in different regions have their own culture of smoking the hookah. In countries like Egypt and Persia, they sit on low cushioned seats when they are in the pipe. Mostly the hookah is shared among friends, relatives, and age mates during their leisure time. This has been the norm of smoking the hookah for many years in different regions.

Vases and decorative pipes are some of the examples of functional glass art. Many of these products are as a result of glass blowing. A good thing with glass blowing is that you can get various variations in the color and in shaping the glass. Glass pipes have become mostly preferred over the years because they perform differently from clay and wood pipes which are commonly used.